Is Ghostbusters the Reboot to Watch Out For This Season?


  This summer everybody will be preparing to answer – “Who you’re gonna call”. And, we sure as hell know it is GHOSTBUSTERS!  But here’s the catch, a different group of people are going to answer the call this time around. Because, this famous yesteryears movie is getting a facelift! 




    So, this time around we have an all female cast as the famous “Ghostbusters” – a group of paranormal warding scientists, who take calls to save American cities from the menace of ghosts. They are heroes, but of a different breed, who wield hi-tech proton pack weapons instead of superpowers. We loved the original with Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis as the three parapsychologists, but the question is – is the reboot going to be equally good?





    That seems to be dicey as internet remains divided over this. Some might feel a reboot at this point is unnecessary and redundant. It does seem a iffy concept, considering the original from the 80s, technologically and psych wise might be a jaded theme to follow up altogether. But, classic fans also admit that they are looking forward to re-live the phenomenon. To make things clear, the makers have emphasized that this movie is going to be a reboot and not a remake. Which also means it is an independent story with new characters, without dependency on previous events of the old film. It a fresh new story wrapped in an old packaging. However, does that make it sound appealing enough?

If we take a cue from last year’s Mad Max reboot, we can deduce that reboots can indeed be as successful as their source, if not more. That was a brilliantly executed film, and therefore we can be hopeful that “Ghostbusters” might also have something up its sleeve in 2016 .




The Cast – It’s an all girls cast with some of the best female comedy actors today – Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are joined by Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones on the Ghostbudters team. And, we have our very own Thor – Chris Hemsworth, in a slightly de-machismo avatar this time ( a refreshing change). So, this film looks armed with girl power and empowerment – a much needed breather in the Hollywood scene today.

The Story – A bunch of unlikely allies believing in a common cause come together to save the city from a crisis! A pair of paranormal authors who believe ghosts are real team up with a nuclear engineer and a subway worker when Manhattan is under attack by evil paranormal beings.

The film is directed by Paul Feig of the “Arrested Development” and “Freaks and Geeks” fame, so we can pretty much be sure it has its comedy element in safe hands. And, with Melissa on board it just gets stronger. You do you, Melissa – because Ghostbusters is essentially a comic story!

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