Top 10 Gorgeous And Accurate Cosplay

Cosplay has won its popularity these days .Many people are trying to act as  their favorite characters .

Some guys may just for fun and make cosplay costumes by themselves  . But some professional cosplayers are  willing to spare much money and time in cosplay career .

Some cosplayers really  did fantastic works . The Like or forwarding of these top accurate cosplay photos are over 10k .

1,  Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay by Tsukikage (Japón)


2, Zootopia Judy cosplay by Angela Bermúdez  .Short hair version Judy is so fresh and energetic .Love it .

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3, Frozen Anna‬ cosplay by LifeofShel .


4. Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time by mrleozombie.

5,Pokemon X and Y by AmyThunderbolt .

6,Loki of Asgard by theideafix from Deviantart

7, Touka Kirishima Cosplay by @Zeal XV on worldcosplay .

8, Zootopia Nike Cosplay by Liui .

9, Kosaki Onodera – Nisekoi by Calssara.

10. Anton Ego Ratatouille Cosplay.


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