Relive the Famous Characters of Fire Emblem Avatar Fates and KILL la KILL with the Cosplay Costumes


If you have seen the amazing comics Fire Emblem Avatar Fates and KILL la KILL, you must be aware of the characters Corrin and Ryuko Matoi. Ryuko Matao is the main protagonist of the famous comic Kill la Kill. She was the daughter of Isshin Matao. At the age of 17, she embarked on the mission to hunt down her father’s killer. In order to find her father’s killer, Ryoko Matoi enrolled herself in the most powerful high school of the city Honnouji Academy. The students at the school “fight to death” using the superpowers which they have acquired from Goku Uniforms. Ryoko superpower includes her extraordinary speed, strength, and abilities which are far superior as compared to an ordinary human being. She is fierce, brave, and determined to achieve what she desires without any fear or inhabitation.

Corrin is the main protagonist in the game Fire Emblem Avatar Fates. He was born to a royal family of Hoshidan. However, he was kidnapped and raised by another royal family Nohr. Soon the war erupted between both the royal families and Corrin had to make a tough decision of siding with one family; a family to whom he was born or the family who raised him.

If you want to have a theme party coming up or an anime party, there can be no better than to dress up as the extremely popular Ryoko Matao Cosplay Costumes and Corrin Cosplay Costumes. You can get the costumes of these popular characters from Cosplay, the best tailor made costume store, and relive these powerful characters with amazing abilities.


The Fire Emblem Avatar Fates Corrin Cosplay costume includes cloak, gloves, pants, skirt, and top. It is manufactured using premium quality knitted fabric, leather, uniform cloth. With the Ryoko Matao Cosplay, you will get a top, skirt, bow tie, suspenders, and gloves. This particular costume from is also manufactured using uniform cloth fabric.

These amazing costumes from will give you feel of the powerful characters of the famous comics Fire Emblem Avatar Fates and KILL la KILL. They will give you a standout look from the rest of the attendees of the theme party or Halloween party. Both the costumes from, you can get in your own measurements and flaunt them with aplomb. is the best tailor made costume store for getting the amazing costumes for your theme parties. If you are ordering Corrin Cosplay costume or Ryoko Matao Cosplay costume, they will take around 7 to 12 working days for processing and additional 3 to 7 working days for delivering those amazing costumes right at your doorsteps. Apart from these wonderful costumes, you can also buy various accessories, props, wigs, and shoes from at the unbeatable rates.

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