5 easy steps help you prepare Halloween well

5.Decorate Your House

Make sure orange, black, and purple are the main colors of your house for it’s not Halloween without these 3 colors. Just add a couple of pumpkins here, a ghost or two there. Make sure your place smells of cinnamon, and that you have Halloween-themed knick-knacks littered around your house.

4.Carve a Pumpkin


There are no pumpkins no Halloween. You can’t truly celebrate Halloween without a carved pumpkin sitting somewhere inside or outside your home. Now, buy some pumpkins from a store and make it with your friends, it will a funny activities between yours. There are many wonderful etchings to choose from online. Or you can keep it simple and make a generic pumpkin face with triangle eyes and a toothy smile. Then, you can decorate your house with the pumpkins. Just put them here and there as you like.

3.EatAmounts of Sweets

Do eating candy, a lot of candy, Though you can too old to go trick or treating.Just because you can’t go door to door doesn’t mean you can’t have sweets. Go to a supermarket, buy the candy anyone you like and you want to eat, paid for them, take them home. There’s no shame in eating candy on Halloween. Prepare enough candy can protect you windows from broken also.

2.Decide On A Costume 

Halloween is coming, different Halloween themed parties is coming ,too. Thus, you need a costume, and fast. Don’t freak, deciding on a Halloween costume isn’t hard. Sometimes, it can be tricky, it can be scaring or it can be funny. Cosplaysky.ca has prepared lots of Halloween costumes and masks waiting you to choose. Such as Dark Father Evil Demon Dress, Vampire Zombie Worker Suspender Halloween Costume and IT The Dancing Clown Pennywise Outfit Cosplay Costume.

dark father

1.Scare Someone

You’re not ready for Halloween if you’re not ready to scare the living daylights out of someone. So prepare yourself, because this is number one on the list. Once you have that costume ready, go out there and scare. It can be a friend, another fellow college student, or even a child. If you think you’re unable to scare anyone, just try your best. I don’t care if you’re dressed up as a sexy zombie, you got this. It’ll help if you hand out candy on Halloween, because that way, the children will come to you. Good luck, and happy scaring!

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