2016 Canada Day And Independence Day Shopping Guide

Hi, guys .2016 Canada Day And Independence Day are just around the corner ,do you have any idea on what to do on your holidays ?


Don’t have chance to visit Ottawa for Canada Day – the country’s biggest annual birthday celebration on July 1 ? Please don’t worry, shopping online may cover the pity .That’s really a good and convenient way to bring you happiness and satisfaction.


If you are a cosplay fans ,this article is a great help to you .we’ve put together a handy list of items that worthy purchasing for your holiday or even for your Halloween . The following is our carefully prepared shopping guide for you .

1, Canada Day Big Promotion from Cosplaysky.ca


Cosplaysky.ca is a branch store of Cosplaysky in Canada market for about 8 years .It offers a huge collection of cosplay costumes ,wigs and accessories . It offers the latest and hottest character’s costumes as Amazon or Walmart do .Now, during June17th to July 15 th , selected items is up to 45% off . Top 50 Canadian orders have the opportunity for CA$10 back .

 It offers 10 package offer for these who wanna cosplay a character with full equipments. That’s really awesome ! Please check how cheap it is via http://cosplaysky.ca/canada-day-offer.html

Such as just spend CA$155 , you can get Amnesia the Heroine cosplay costume ,wig and shoes .That’s a wisdom choice to keep it for your event .

Many cosplay costumes are on special price during the promotion .Such as Star Trek Items , Alice In Wonderland Costumes ,Captain America Costumes , Disney Items and Star Wars Cosplay Costumes , Game of Thrones ,Deadpool Items .


Captain America is standard for America , you can find many America elements from the Capatain America Steve Roger cosplay costume .Maybe the best way to say no to ‘’Hydra” is to put on this costume on Independence Day .It’s on promotion now , please seize your time .



2, Best Selling Anime Cosplay Costumes Promotion from Cosplaysky.ca


You may say you are not interested in superhero or movie cosplay costume ,cosplaysky.ca knows that .It offers over 90 hot sale Anime items at 15% off . Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Cosplay Costume , Re:Zero Life in a Different World Cosplay Costume , Bungō Stray Dogs Items , Seraph of the End ,Ensemble Stars ,Touken Ranbu,  LoveLive , K Return of King ,Black Butler Items .ect. Please visit http://cosplaysky.ca/cosplay-costumes/anime-costumes/anime-costumes.html  if have interests .



Don’t you think that’s really cool if wear LoveLive , Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress , KILL la KILL or Re:Zero Life in a Different World Cosplay Costume with your friends in a group when Canada Day is coming ?


3,New arrival promotions .

Each week , cosplaysky.ca will in stock new arrivals .If order it and help the store give reviews for promote seek ,you may have the chance to get free gifts or samples .

Last but not least , during these days. For all orders over CA$139, CA$5 off ,CA$199, CA$10 off , CA$259,CA$15 off .



Please visit the homepage via http://cosplaysky.ca/  to order your own cosply costumes .

Trust it, cosplasky.ca will never let you down .

Before the approaching of the holiday , wish you guys have a happy 2016 Canada Day and Independence Day .




Captain America Civil War Cosplay Costume Review

Have you ever seen the Cosplay costume of the Captain America? 
Yes, the costume looks amazing and, the one who wears it looks so handsome.


Calling that person ‘hot’ will not be wrong! The Cosplaysky.ca has knows how to make you look wonderful and astonishing in the costume of your favorite superhero. 

It is an online store that has a variety of costumes, wigs, accessories, shoes, weapons, and a lot more that can make you look in awe.
Something that may not available on Amazon , you can order your cosplay costumes from here .
It even accepts commission orders. Though your interested items are not on sale , you guys can turn to Cosplaysky.ca for help .

The wide range includes the complete costumes of superheroes, Disney Princesses, TV drama characters, characters of the Games, Animated Characters, and many other costumes.

The Cosplaysky.ca has recently launched the costume of Captain American. This costume has created the hype and everyone is trying to have it. 
The basic reason is that this costumes makes you look exactly like your favorite Captain America.

To give the complete satisfaction to the fans of Captain America, the Cosplaysky.ca includes the pants, top, gloves, belt, and straps in the amazing costume.
The costume is made exactly like the real one so that you get the power and the energy to destroy all the “Hydras” who are damaging and hurting our peaceful world, just like the Captain America does.

Moreover, the best part is that you can get the customized costume of Captain America according to your own measurements and size. 
To measure your size, the online store also provides you a scale. The long lasting fabric of the amazing costume is made of the artificial leather, the twill, and the metal.
The best quality of the fabric is used so that it gives you the outstanding and stylish look; just like what you see in the movie. 
You guys shall say “yes”to its Captain American Cosplay Costume and keep it to fight with your “Hydras”.

You must be thinking whether you should go for Cosplaysky.ca or not because it is an online store. To tell you the truth, you can trust it without any strand of doubt because the fabric stays the same for a number of years and nothing happens to it.
If you are a female and wanna order Civil War Avengers Scarlet Witch Wanda Outfit Cosplay Costume,you can find it's also available .


Furthermore, the Cosplaysky.ca wants you to feel exactly like Captain America hence the logo is also exactly the same. 
Because we understand that the girls are also the fan of Captain America and they want to look like him, Cosplaysky.ca has the costume for them! 
Now, you can also look and feel like a superhero. Females can also fight against the Nazi-backed HYDRA organization and save others.
Welcome you guys have a visit to Cosplaysky.ca homepage .The customer service will reply your inquiries promptly.

By the way ,what do you think of Captain America's new costume ? I think it not as cool as before . 
Hope the horrible change can't reach out to the film version of Captain America , blessing it just in comic filed .
Steve Rogers not only acts as a hero who stand for peace and America , but also stands for a kind of spirit .
How do these Children who take him as example think about this ?