Have you been Touken Ranbu’ed yet?


If you are in the Otaku circle, chances you are already into the world of Touken Ranbu! But, in case you have somehow missed out on this insanely addictive game world – we are here to give you a heads up!

Touken Ranbu is the latest addition to the gaming addiction from Japan brought by DMM and Nitro Plus. It’s in the reverse harem sub-genre. The players take on the game as a Saniwa  sage who travels back in time to fight off evil forces and restore the course of history. But, it’s reverse harem, right? So where are the boys, you ask? To combat the evils as sage you can bring historical swords into life and for your very own army of Touken Danshi or Blade Boys! Now isn’t that the dream?

It’s the latest anthropomorphized game to do the rounds and it’s a sure shot aims to attract the female otakus. Obviously, the response has been massive and the following the game has right now is huge!

How can one resist when the characters have been so well crafted with their chiseled looks, slick hairdos and based on historical samurai full of brilliant combat skills and gallant moves!

Here, we are talking about all that and Sword Characters who actually look like this –


And these –


Ahhh, so Kawaiiii!

And, who doesn’t feel for brooding characters with interesting back stories. In this case our sword boys have witnesses so many deaths of past masters, it’s so impossible not to develop a soft corner for them. No wonder the Katanas have fallen so hard!

If by now you are sold, what are you waiting for to start out? The game is pretty straightforward itself and you can start out by equipping characters with simple combat skills and special items and creating a squad of up to six members. You can proceed by giving commands.


The game doesn’t have an explicit romance angle to it. But, that can actually be a plus because that way it appeals to a wider audience and sections of gaming and anime fans. And, dreamers can always dream, right?

And, if you are like the hordes of other fans that have already experienced the amazing world of Touken Ranbu, we bet you have your own set of favorite Blade Boys right now.

Or, this might be your state of mind right now  –


Image Via tourabuconfessions.tumblr.com

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and embrace your inner Saniwa! And if you want to pull off an awesome Cosplay and totally sword-slay it, you know where to look- CosplaySky.ca it is!