Who is this week’s Internet Star

Dads always like to play pranks on their children ,but not all of them will post it on the social media .
Recently,a funny dad was regarded as this week's Internet star for imitating his 2 daughter's sexy selfie .
No matter posture , expression even make up ,this dad has did amazing cosplay .It looks so lookalike .
Many parents will try to teach their teenager children be self-discipline directly, 
but this father took things one step further.
When he mocked his daughter and allowed the entire Internet to see.
Chris 'Burr' Martin, from Washington, trolled his teenage daughter 
on social media by recreating her selfies and posting his own copycat photos.

These hilarious photos, according to Martin, were a voiceless protest
against the girl’s sexy selfies.
“So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop,
 well, I thought of something better,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Take a look at some of this dad’s best poses – he’s definitely mastered the duckface!
This clever dad took a different and humorous approach to stop his daughters from posting sexy selfies . 
He is also so fashionable that go with the trend of cosplay .
It seems he is excel in cosplay ,making up and drawing . 
Any way , I think Chris 'Burr' Martin  is a good father that loves his daughter s deeply .
He adopts this hilarious way to communicate with them .

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